Meet smarter—Travel less
Priced for Small Businesses,
The Conference Center at Plaza West offers:
The Meeting Room: Ergonomic furniture and flexible seating for up to 33 guests
The Boardroom: Elegant and ideal for strategic planning and board meetings for up to 10 guests
Each is available with "OneScreen" technology
Free parking
Food & beverage service options
Technical support
Ultra-fast internet and VOIP connections
Bridging for up to 12 sites for video conferencing
Training course on smart board technology

The OneScreen Technology combines video conferencing, white boarding and computing from a single touch screen so teams can work productively together, when they need to, from across the table, or across the globe.

When it’s this easy to dial a conference instantly, access relevant digital content, annotate, discuss and share from one collaborative screen, your teams will want a OneScreen for every meeting!

OneScreen allows you to create and share documents, spredsheets and enables multiple parties to work on them at the same time. Screen sharing offers endless possibilities for teamwork and brainstorming.

Powerful and simple to use, with a "plug and play" design—a simple touch will connect you with anyone across the globe that has a computer and an internet connection.

When you combine OneScreen's video conferencing platform with the unique collaboration tools that are bundled with the solution, OneScreen affords remote participants rich video meeting experiences as if they were in-room attendees.

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